How to Dress to Attract the Man that’s Right for You

Tips on how to dress to impress and find a guy that’s right for you

Whether you’re trying to meet a man in bars, or hoping to impress a crush at work, the way you dress is key to initially getting a guy’s attention.  Men are visual creatures, and showing off your assets can help a man see you as a sexy, available woman.  These simple tips can help you learn how to dress to attract a man with boyfriend potential.

Flattering fit

The most important consideration when dressing to attract men is finding a style that fits your body type.  The goal is to attract a guy’s attention to your best feature while hiding flaws.  For instance, if you’re curvy and don’t like your hips, find a dress that shows your cleavage and flows away from your lower body.  Or if you’re slim and think you’re too flat-chested, pair a short skirt, with a pretty, loose blouse – attracting a man’s attention will go straight for your fantastic legs.

Leave something to the imagination

Unless your goal is a one night stand, you may attract the wrong kind of attention by dressing too revealingly. Show just enough to attract a man’s interest: a little cleavage, an open back, or a short skirt.  But all of these at once is a bit much.  Think about the message you’re trying to send – you want to look sexy, but like a potential girlfriend, not like a hooker.

Spend a little money

If you’re trying to find the right man, make sure your wardrobe is stocked with some feminine, flattering outfits just in case an event comes up where you might meet a guy.  You never know when you might be invited to a last minute party or occasion, and it’s best to be prepared!  Invest in some high heels. your legs always look better on heels.  The discomfort is a small sacrifice if end up finding a boyfriend!  Then you can switch back to sneakers.

Express yourself

If you’re interested in finding a boyfriend or husband, you want to be sure you are attracting guys who will like your unique personality.  If you pick an outfit that doesn’t fit your personality, you may attract men who you have nothing in common with.